Alternative Medicine Schools

Alternative medicine schools are schools that train individuals to practice treatments and medical care strategies that are outside of the traditional. There are many different kinds of alternative medicines, and obtaining the right training can put you on the path to a fulfilling career.

Alternative Medicine School Types

Just a few of the different types of alternative medicine schools include massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractor healing, nutritional healing, homeopathy, yoga, Reiki, reflexology and naturopathic medicine. Many schools teach only holistic-style healing methods while others seek to integrate holistic medicine with traditional or Western medicine. It is important for individuals to determine the path they want to take with holistic medicine before seeking out a specific school.

Certification and Licensing

Most types of alternative healing schools and college programs will provide certification for students, or at least prepare them to take state tests that will provide them with certification. Different states have different licensing requirements, and those requirements are also dependent upon what path of alternative medicine a student is studying. For instance, most states do not require any type of licensing for Reiki professionals, but acupuncturists must have licenses in most states.

Seeking Out Accredited Schools

It is essential that the school you attend is accredited. This helps ensure that the education and training program is a high quality program. Additionally, some alternative medicine professionals can only take state certification tests if they have attended an accredited school. For instance, the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine certifies the majority of acupuncture professionals throughout the US. Individuals should find out what organization will certify them and which schools are accredited by that organization.

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How to Find School Information for Natural Healing

Finding the right resources to locate alternative medicine schools is important. The website Natural Healers at offers up a plethora of information on training, schooling and certification for a number of different alternative healing strategies. This includes information on massage therapy, personal training, chiropractor healing, nutrition, yoga, homeopathy, acupuncture, Reiki, reflexology, midwifery and more. In addition, speaking to the dean of admissions at the college you are considering can help you determine whether the school is for you or not.

Knowing Which Path to Take

Because there are so many different kinds of alternative treatments, choosing just one path can be difficult. Some schools teach more than one alternative kind of treatment which can help those who are interested in more than one field. One great step in choosing a path is to learn more about each type of alternative treatment and how those strategies are applied. Alternatives for Healing at features a large list of alternative treatment types and in-depth descriptions of their practices, beliefs, and histories.

More and more state universities are adding holistic health training programs to their academic lineup, but there are also some very respected smaller schools individuals can attend. Approaching the topic early, researching, and deciding the correct path can help individuals choose a fantastic school that is well-suited for them.

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